Activities and events

Throughout the year students participate in various extra-co-curricular activities and engage themselves with various celebrations.
Students engage and contribute towards Sustainable Development related activities along with ISR and social engagements

Independence Day

Symbiosis Statistical Institute joyously commemorated India's 77th Independence Day, uniting students, staff, and faculty in celebration. The event was marked by inspiring speeches and soul-stirring musical performances, evoking a deep sense of patriotism among all attendees. It was a momentous occasion where the spirit of freedom and unity resonated throughout the institute.

Doorstep Schools

Ms Sonali Kulkarni delivered an enlightening lecture on Doorstep Schools, an NGO focused on educating underprivileged children. Highlighting the challenges faced by these children in accessing education, Ms Kulkarni also showcased the impactful initiatives of Doorstep Schools in addressing this pressing issue. The lecture catalysed inspiring compassion and action among attendees.

Scopus and Mendeley Training Session

The Scopus and Mendeley Training session featured Ms. Vinita Saroha as the speaker. The session focused on "Fundamentals of Writing Research Articles for High Impact Journals". It aimed to familiarise attendees with Scopus' functionalities for performance tracking, topic-specific funding, and journal selection. Additionally, Mendeley, a widely used publishing app, was discussed for its utility in project management, analysis, and note-taking within journals.

Vachan Prerna Divas

The "Vachan Prerna Divas" Book Fair, hosted by the Library Committee of Symbiosis Statistical Institute with Dr. Hrishikesh Sonam as the chief guest, broadened the literary horizons of students and teachers. Attendees, including book enthusiasts, enjoyed exploring and purchasing books at the event, benefiting from a tempting 20% discount. An interactive book review session concluded the event, allowing students to discuss statistical books briefly.


The Ancient Art" - Kolam: "The Ancient Art" workshop, led by Speaker Gowri Ramachandran, explored Kolam, a ritualistic mathematical art form prominent in Tamil Nadu. The workshop introduced participants to its history, symbolism, and techniques. Attendees engaged in exploring Kolam's rich history and culture, discovering traditional and contemporary designs, gaining hands-on experience in creating Kolam artworks, and receiving guidance from experienced Kolam artists on statistical pattern recognition.


The Navratri Celebration showcased the festival's rich cultural diversity through a captivating video illustrating Navratri celebrations across various regions of India. It included a presentation titled "Woman in Tech," featuring insights into the pioneering work of Margaret Hamilton. Moreover, students who participated in the drawing competition had the opportunity to share their thoughts and inspiration behind their artworks.

Heritage and Culture

Forts and Fortification - Presented by Mr. Parag Limaye, the session on Heritage and Culture provided attendees with an engaging exploration of forts and fortifications. Mr Limaye began by highlighting the crucial role of geographical layout in fort construction, emphasising their defensive capabilities. Attendees learned about the diverse functions of forts, from regional administration to military defence, and gained insight into the differences between European castles and Indian forts. Mr. Limaye concluded with a reminder of the importance of preserving these historical landmarks for future generations.

National Sample Survey

The National Sample Survey session led by Mr Jayaprakash Sudhir Honrao, Joint Director of the NSSO, shed light on this vital data collection initiative. The session aimed to familiarise students with the National Sample Survey, which encompasses various socio-economic dimensions such as education, employment, healthcare, and agriculture. Attendees gained insights into ongoing surveys and learned about best practices employed by the NSSO.

Innovation and Ideas

The session began with a clear agenda: "Understanding Current News and Market Trends”. The Library Committee highlighted the benefits of this approach, including gaining insights into market trends, fostering career growth, networking with industry professionals, and understanding industry challenges. With a focus on staying updated with advances in statistics, artificial intelligence, and data science, the committee aimed to provide attendees with practical knowledge for navigating their fields effectively.

Invited sessions

Symbiosis Statistical Institute and Prof. Dr Sudhansu Sekhar Mati from Visva-Bharati University, Shantiniketan, jointly conducted an insightful online session focusing on "Estimation of probability density functions and cumulative distribution functions used in lifetime modelling," providing valuable insights into statistical methodologies. Prof. Dr Mati's expertise illuminated essential statistical concepts, aiding attendees' understanding of complex topics with clarity and shared practical knowledge on probability density functions, cumulative distributions, and Bayesian statistics, demonstrating their application in lifetime modelling. The collaboration offered participants a concise yet enriching learning experience in statistical analysis.

Cleanliness Drive

The students of Symbiosis Statistical Institute actively participated in the 'Swachhata Hi Seva' Campaign by joining the Cleanliness Drive - 'Ek Tareekh Ek Ghanta'. This initiative aimed to raise awareness about the significance of cleanliness and promote a greener environment. Divided into groups, the students dedicated their time to sweeping the streets and collecting trash from the pavements. Their concerted efforts resulted in the proper disposal of the waste, contributing positively to the cleanliness of the surrounding area.

Handmade Paper Factory Visit

Students from Symbiosis Statistical Institute visited the Pune Handmade Paper Factory, founded in 1940, renowned for its craftsmanship. They observed the production of tree-free recycled cotton paper, learning about eco-friendly manufacturing. The factory showcased products like handmade paper, idols of Lord Ganesha, and stationery. This firsthand experience deepened their understanding of sustainable practices. The visit left them with a newfound appreciation for handmade paper products.

Industry on Campus

Mr. Abraham Thomas, Vice President of Product Development at NielsenIQ, led a compelling session on Retail Analytics at Symbiosis Statistical Institute. He addressed the challenges of connecting production data with real-world scenarios, emphasising the importance of AI in analysing market trends for informed decision-making, which marked a shift from traditional intuition-based approaches to data-driven strategies in retail.

Prof. V.S. Huzurbazar Memorial

Symbiosis Statistical Institute annually conducts a memorial to honour the esteemed Prof. V.S. Huzurbazar, a revered figure in the field of statistics. This year, Prof. Snehalata Huzurbazar, Associate Director of Data Science at West Virginia University, USA, graced the occasion, sharing insights on "Statistics in the Era of Data Science" and reminiscing about her father's academic journey. Colleagues and students paid tribute through messages, video calls, and speeches. An e-poster competition showcased research from various institutions. At the same time, Dr Rutuja Udyawar, CEO of Optimum Data Analytics, discussed her transition from statistics to deep learning, emphasising the importance of building personal brands. Dr Rajiv Yeravdekar highlighted the significance of data in all sectors, equating it to the new cryptocurrency.


Samyukt - Unity amidst Heterogeneity," our annual college fest, embodies the essence of celebrating diversity, fostering inclusivity, and promoting cultural exchange. It stands as a beacon of the vibrant spirit inherent within our community, weaving together the rich tapestry of our collective heritage with dignity and grace. Adorned with vibrant decorations, the campus buzzed with excitement this year as students participated in the henna design, rangoli, and a thrilling Play Station 5 FIFA contest. The first day featured a dynamic flash mob and open mic session, adding to the festive atmosphere. The following day, under the banner of "Samyukt - Unity amidst Heterogeneity," cultural performances illuminated the stage, showcasing the institute's diverse cultural heritage. Additionally, a personality competition provided an opportunity for students to shine, highlighting the institute's commitment to fostering talent and inclusivity, all in the festive spirit of Diwali.


Symbiosis Statistical Institute's annual event, "Viplav," serves as a distinguished commemoration of National Science Day, spotlighting the profound significance of statistics in scientific endeavours and daily societal dynamics. Themed around "Science for a Sustainable Future" this year, the event presented a diverse spectrum of engaging activities such as Cinema Spectra, Card Roulette, and CricBid, complemented by an exhibition showcasing intricate statistical models. Through captivating demonstrations and interactive sessions, "Viplav" endeavours to deepen participants' comprehension of statistical concepts while nurturing innovation and scientific inquiry. With its dynamic and intellectually enriching offerings, "Viplav" exemplified Symbiosis Statistical Institute's steadfast commitment to promoting statistical literacy and driving forward the frontiers of scientific exploration.